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ZEALS Conversation Designers

Experts in building high-performing AI conversation experiences for your brand

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Fully managed chat solutions

ZEALS conversation designers will work closely with you to fully design, build, deploy, and optimize each conversation experience for your objectives


Design the conversation for your objectives, from ideation to execution


Fully build and test the AI-driven chat experience


Launch the chat experience on different social platforms for you


Receive comprehensive performance reports


Continuously monitor and improve the chat experience performance

Experts in conversation building

ZEALS conversation designers have built and deployed custom AI-driven chat experiences for hundreds of brands, and engaged millions of users worldwide.


Enable human-like chat experiences with smart replies, detect customer intent and preferences, and generate hyper-personalized messaging and offers during the chat.

Human-like conversations

ZEALS conversation designers train the Large Language Model (LLM) allowing your customers to have the most engaging and natural conversation experiences from the information you provide.

Ensuring brand consistency

Making sure your brand voice and style guide is incorporating into the chat experience is always a priority.

Maximizing performance

Building the chat experience is just the start— conversation designers are constantly monitoring and optimizing the performance of your chat campaigns

... ZEALS would help us with acquisition by providing an interactive way to engage with our products.

Alex Dye
Senior Product Manager

Chat solutions crafted by our expert conversation designers

Click to Experience (CTX) Ads

Increase the performance of your social ads with automated, hyper-personalized chat experiences

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Organic Engagement

Initiate personalized chat experiences directly from your posts, stories, and even your website to drive more customer engagement.

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Social Push Notifications

Continue the conversation with customers on their favorite social platforms with automated push notifications. This is a ZEALS exclusive feature.

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Do ZEALS chat solutions include conversation design services?

Yes, conversation design services are part of every ZEALS social chat solution. Up to 10 hours are provided to ensure we help you successfully launch a high performing social chat campaign. Post launch, up to 5 hours are provided each month to generate reports and performance optimization.

What is the review and approval process like working with a conversation designer?

It’s fairly straightforward, and nothing gets launched without  formal reviews and approvals. Our collaborative process starts with an initial consultation to understand your brand and goals, followed by concept development tailored to your needs. After presenting the draft for your review, we iterate based on your feedback, ensuring every detail is perfected. Upon final approval, we implement and test the chat experience, launching it across your social media platforms. Post-launch, we monitor performance and provide ongoing support for continuous improvement, ensuring your chat interactions remain effective and engaging.

How do conversation designers ensure that our brand voice is incorporated into the chat experience?

Conversation designers will work closely with your brand team to incorporate your voice and style guides into all chat scripts and a custom GenAI knowledge base. Extensive testing will also be conducted to ensure the tone and voice of the chat experiences are fully aligned with your expectations.

How long does it take a conversation designer to build and deploy chat experiences?

Creating a ZEALS chat experience typically takes 2-5 weeks, depending on project complexity and the number of revisions. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality, customized chat experience that meets your brand’s needs and exceeds expectations.

Will conversation designers provide regular updates about the performance of the chat solution/experience?

Absolutely. Your conversation designer will regularly monitor the performance, identify optimization opportunities, and share the results with you.

Do you use ChatGPT for AI?

At ZEALS, our conversation designers craft AI specifically tailored for your chat experience. While we leverage advanced technologies like ChatGPT, our primary focus is on creating a personalized Large Language Model (LLM) that reflects your brand’s unique voice and tone. This ensures that the AI provides accurate information and engages your customers in a way that feels authentic to your brand!