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Click-to-Experience (CTX) Ads

Strengthen your sales performance and increase conversions for your paid social ads

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Integrate personalized chat experiences to increase meaningful engagement with your ads on social

Increase engagement and accelerate conversions

Drive more meaningful interactions with personalized chat experiences that are optimized to maximize the performance of your ads


Human-like chat experiences that detect customer intents, automatically answer questions, dynamically generate personalized offers, and more.

Hyper-personalized chat experiences

All chat experiences are designed and optimized to maximize customer engagement through personalized chat journeys and offers.

Generate offers from your inventory and promos

Directly integrate your product data or promotions to generate personalized offers and CTAs with our integrations with Shopify, SFDC B2C Commerce, and more.

Use Cases

Drive Sales

Increase sales with personalized offers

Generate Leads

Capture more qualified leads

Increase Engagement

Increase subscriptions, coupon redemption, exclusive offers, etc.

Data Collection

Learn more about your customers with each chat


Personalized chat experiences by segments


How easy is it to launch a CTX ad campaign?

Quick and simple. Set up your normal ads campaign(s), and our expert conversation designers will work with you to build and integrate the chat experiences in as little as two weeks.

Is there a minimum ad spend to launch CTX ad campaigns?

Technically, no. However we recommend that you allocate a minimum monthly budget of 5-10k to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Can end users freely input text during the chat?

Yes, the ZEALS AI is equipped with an auto chat feature that auto generate answers to any questions asked during the chat.

How are conversions tracked?

All direct and attributable conversions are tracked on the ZEALS platform directly, with a conversion code, or through one of our many integrations. We are happy to provide a performance report on any cadence.

Is it possible to have different chat experiences for different ad campaigns?

Our chat solutions will dynamically engage end users in different chat journeys, based on the campaign objective or customer intent. Our expert conversation designers will work closely with you to build out chat solutions, optimized specifically for your ad campaigns.