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Organic Engagement

Initiate personalized conversations from any post, story, and even your website

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Integrate automated, personalized chat experiences with any post, story and even your website to increase conversions

Turn your stories into conversation starters

Enable customers to initiate a chat directly from stories to learn more about your products, ask questions, subscribe to an offer, directly make a purchase, and more. 

  • Fully automated chat experience, powered by ZEALS AI
  • Enable more meaningful engagements with stories
  • Drive conversions directly from your stories
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Get more than just views and likes from your posts

Create a more interactive experience with your social posts to drive more personalized engagements and conversions.

  • Human-like chat experience, powered by ZEALS AI
  • Accelerate the customer journey from awareness to conversion
  • Dynamically generate personalized offers and promos from your posts
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Enable a more personalized experience on your website and landing pages

Initiate a conversation from any page, banner, CTA and more to increase conversions on your website. 

  • ZEALS customers increase conversions by up to 10%
  • Bounce recovery
  • Initiate conversations about a specific page or offer in real-time
  • Human-like chat experience, powered by ZEALS AI
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Collect Zero-party data

Automatically collect zero-party data on every chat interaction, to enhance your customer database, automate marketing workflows, generate personalized messaging, and more.

No cookies and emails required

Easily target and retarget customers through their social user ID — no more tracking with cookies or asking for an email address.

Increase conversions

Transform any post and stories into interactive experiences that accelerate customer conversions


Enable human-like chat experiences and generate personalized offers based on customer intent, preferences, and interests.

Use Cases

Drive Sales

Increase sales with personalized offers

Generate Leads

Capture more qualified leads

Increase Engagement

Increase subscriptions, coupon redemption, exclusive offers, etc.

Data Collection

Learn more about your customers with each chat


Personalized chat experiences by segments


How easy is it to integrate ZEALS chat experiences with my posts and stories?

It is quick and simple to connect chat experiences to any post or story you choose. Our conversation designers will happily manage the implementation for you.

How do I integrate a ZEALS chat experience with my website?

It’s a simple link that can be added to any web page, banner, and even in emails, to initiate personalized conversations with your customers.

Can end users freely input text during the chat?

Yes, the ZEALS AI is equipped with an auto chat feature that auto generates answers to any questions asked during the chat.

How are conversions tracked?

All direct and attributable conversions are tracked on the ZEALS platform directly, with a simple conversion tracking javascript snippet, or through one of our pre-built integrations. We then provide you with regular performance updates and reports.

Is it possible to have different chat experiences for different posts and stories?

Our chat solutions will dynamically engage end users in different chat journeys, based on the engagement objectives or customer intent. Our expert conversation designers will work closely with you to build out chat solutions, optimized specifically for your specific engagement objectives.