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Social Push Notifications

Engage, nurture or retarget customers with personalized and automated push notifications on Facebook and Instagram

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Initiate a new conversation with customers or pick up where the last chat left off with personalized and automated push notification sequences

No more cookies and emails

Directly retarget or nurture customers on social media, without collecting emails or using cookies

Fully automated

Create scheduled or trigger-based push notifications to engage customers who meet your targeting criteria

Hyper targeting

Identify and create target customer segments based on social media activity and zero party data

ZEALS exclusive

Our strategic technology partnership with Meta makes social push notifications only available to ZEALS customers

Use Cases

Drive Sales

Increase sales with personalized offers


Keep the conversation going


Personalized chat experiences by segments

Increase loyalty

Notify customers of exclusive promos and drops

Accelerate conversions

Drive conversions faster with personalized notifications


Are push notifications only available on Facebook and Instagram?

Push notifications are only available on Meta social platforms, with general availability on Facebook and limited beta access on Instagram. If you are interested in the Instagram push notification beta, please reach out to us.

Is there a limit to how many push notifications I can send to customers?

As long as a customer is opted in to receive recurring push notifications from your social profile, you are able to determine the frequency and quantity of push notifications being sent.

Can customers unsubscribe from push notifications?

Yes, customers can unsubscribe from push notifications at any time.

Do customers have to opt in to start receiving push notifications?

Yes, customers must be opted-in to start receiving push notifications.

What is the difference between scheduled and trigger-based push notifications?

Scheduled push notifications are set to be sent at a specific time and date to the predetermined segment of customers. Trigger-based push notifications are automatically sent to users qualified by engagement actions (e.g. started and left a chat 3 days ago) that “trigger” a message to be sent. Both types of push notifications require customers to be opted in.