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Making story time more immersive


Moonlite offers a unique and more immersive story time experience for families with small children. With a simple app and a clip on mobile projector, parents can easily transform bedtime stories into a multisensory experience with imagery that can be virtually projected onto any wall or flat surface, vivid sound effects, and read-a-long features. “The magic of Moonlite is simple – it’s the experience of reading together. Tablets are a staple for many families, but digital books can be overstimulating for growing children, and leave little room for imagination. Moonlite bridges the gap between traditional and digital books,” as described by Natalie Rebot, the founder of Moonlite. 


Along with the mobile project and app, the Moonlite website offers an extensive catalog of classic and new stories, inspired by popular Disney properties. Each story provides the picture disc for the projector and an activation code for accessing the digital content that brings the story to life.  




The exponential growth in web and social engagement and sales indicates that visitors to the Moonlite website are intrigued by their product offerings. Visitors can select from a wide variety of stories based on characters, themes, age groups, and more. Stories are offered through bundles, single purchases, and subscriptions. This presents site visitors with several decisions to make before successfully completing the purchase. This may potentially create friction points in the purchase journey.


To effectively optimize the funnel and accelerate conversions, Moonlite needed a way to better understand and assist visitors on making purchases on the website. A website experience capable of assisting new and returning visitors in finding the right products, and generating personalized story recommendations will certainly shorten the purchase process. 



Working closely with, Moonlite successfully incorporated a social chat commerce solution to their website and deployed an interactive quiz experience to assist site visitors in quickly finding stories that will delight the child they are shopping for.

Site visitors, after browsing the site for a few seconds, trigger a personalized quiz delivered through an automated chat experience on Instagram. Users engage in a conversation-like chat in Instagram direct messages, answer a few simple questions about story themes, character types, and other attributes, to generate a personalized selection of stories and products in real-time. 



The automated quiz experience is designed to not only quickly assist site visitors in finding the stories they are most interested in, but all chat interactions are recorded as zero-party data to provide Moonlite additional insights on how purchase decisions are made by their customers.




  • The cost of acquiring customers is reduced by 75% through the social chat experience when compared to traditional marketing channels
  • Purchase value from customers who have interacted with the chat experience increases by 20%
  • Quiz completion rate is above 90%



The initial success has prompted Moonlite in exploring other features offered by’s social chat commerce solutions. As the chat experience occurs on Instagram, Moonlite was able to experiment with the retargeting and social push notification features. “We believe the ability to retarget customers will ultimately yield more purchases with higher values on the website. We are interested in seeing how we can build a bigger layer of this customer type.” said Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO of MarGrad, who is managing the digital strategy for Moonlite. 


Additionally, Moonlite is also intrigued by the wealth of zero-party data generated by the chat experiences through their quiz.