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Greetings, I am Martin Jablonski, Product Manager at ZEALS and it is my pleasure to introduce Smart Offer, a groundbreaking feature powered by our proprietary AI. This innovative solution is designed to significantly enhance the effectiveness of chat commerce experiences on platforms such as LINE Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs through the delivery of dynamically generated, hyper-personalized product recommendations. 



By seamlessly integrating your product and CRM data with zero-party data from ZEALS chat interactions, Smart Offer instantly creates tailored offers that precisely match your customers’ intents and preferences. Engineered for efficiency with minimal setup requirements, Smart Offer is poised to redefine chat commerce by driving conversion rates and enriching customer engagement.


Envision a customer journey where each chat interaction leads to a meticulously personalized offer, elevating both the shopping experience and your conversion metrics. Smart Offer actualizes this vision by leveraging a dynamic personalization approach that synthesizes customer data, including CRM insights, segmentation analysis, past interactions, and real-time responses gathered during chat. This approach ensures that the personalization of recommendations intensifies with each customer engagement.



At the core of this personalized experience lies ZEALS AI, which is capable of incorporating an extensive range of products and promotional offers into its intelligence base. This AI meticulously analyzes customer data, and intent, to select offers most likely to convert, based on a deep understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior. The process commences with the straightforward upload of your product and offer data in a CSV format, culminating in the creation of an expansive ‘offers database’ for AI utilization.


The platform’s advanced customization capabilities allow Conversation Designers to craft variable offer templates and set precise parameters for the AI’s recommendations. This ensures that the offers are not only highly personalized but also strategically aligned with your marketing goals. Moreover, the AI’s capability to learn and adapt in real-time means it continually enhances its recommendation accuracy, leveraging ongoing chat and conversation data for improved outcomes.


Smart Offer marks a significant advancement in the realm of chat commerce, offering unmatched dynamic personalization capabilities that promise to drive conversions and elevate customer interactions. By moving beyond the constraints of static offers and utilizing the full spectrum of your product catalog in real-time chats, Smart Offer delivers a comprehensive solution for marketers aiming to optimize engagement and sales through chat platforms. 


As we look to the future, we are excited about the potential of Smart Offer to set new benchmarks in personalized commerce, ensuring every chat interaction is a step closer to conversion.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to your conversation designer or contact our implementation team if you would like to learn more about incorporating smart offer into your ZEALS chat experiences.