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The AWS delegation brought together a wide array of AI startups with industry leaders in Silicon Valley for insightful discussions of the hottest topics in AI, and the opportunity to meet some of the leaders in the industry. Only a select few are handpicked by AWS to join each year, and I was one of them. 



Over the course of the event, I had the opportunity to meet other AI startup executives, AWS engineers, and to hear leaders such as Stripe and Qualcomm and others present on topics around generative AI, leveraging open source, responsible AI practices, and more. In addition, I had the opportunity to engage with other vision-driven founders, creating amazing tools and applications for a wide variety of business and consumer use cases. 



I thoroughly enjoyed some of the most insightful conversations I had with other budding AI startup founders, and sharing some of the success that, under my leadership, has generated. Like many of the startups I was exposed to at the event, is leading the charge of integrating AI-centric core benefits in the products and services we offer our customers. 


Overall, it was an engaging and insightful event, and I look forward to being one of the leaders in pushing the limits of innovation and creating more customer value with AI.