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We are thrilled to be expanding our North American team with the addition of our new VP of Sales, Scott Satyshur. Scott will be instrumental in building and scaling the revenue-centirc teams responsible for driving the next phase of growth for in our North American markets.


Scott has over 18 years of experience in developing sales teams and accelerating revenue growth across a variety of hyper growth organizations, including Iterable, Cordial, Pathlight and UserTesting. I was immediately impressed not only by his extensive experience as a sales professional, but also his focus and drive to continuously grow and evolve as a modern sales leader through various achievements and certifications. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and natural sense of curiosity also makes him a fit in a org that takes pride in ‘betting on paradox,’ or passionate in pursuing solutions and opportunities not confined by conventional barriers. I look forward witnessing Scott’s “super powers” as he take North America into it’s next phase of growth.




In Scott’s own words

Embarking on my new role as VP of Sales at is incredibly exhilarating, especially considering the dynamic landscape of our industry. The most exciting aspect is witnessing the rapid evolution of technology and its profound impact on businesses across many different verticals. As industries navigate digital transformation, stands at the forefront, offering a revolutionary Social Chat Commerce platform that empowers our customers to not only stay ahead of the curve but set the curve themselves.


The industry’s future promises a convergence of innovation and personalization, and is well-positioned to lead this charge, providing our clients with unparalleled insights, agility, and the tools to navigate the evolving landscape seamlessly. I’m eager to contribute to this transformative journey, driving to new heights while delivering unmatched value to our customers.