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Greg Bennett, who led prompt engineering for Salesforce’s world-first CRM-oriented generative AI “Einstein GPT,” has been appointed as the Head of Prompt Engineering at ZEALS.


ZEALS is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Greg Bennett, who led prompt engineering for the world’s first CRM-oriented generative AI “Einstein GPT” at Salesforce, Inc., as the Head of Prompt Engineering.


At ZEALS, we have been offeringSocial Chat Commerce as a new marketing solution since 2016, advocating for the effective use of AI technology to drive meaningful customer engagement and increasing conversions. Additionally, in response to significant changes in the digital marketing landscape, we are making substantial investments in new capabilities and features that incorporate generative AI to expand the value of our solutions across all areas from brand recognition to new customer acquisition and Lifetime Value (LTV) enhancement. In the first half of 2024, we plan to sequentially implement and release features such as fully automated customer service and response functions, as well as recommendation functions utilizing conversation data, as results of these investments.



Against this backdrop, by welcoming Mr. Greg Bennett as the new Head of Prompt Engineering, who has profound experience and cutting-edge knowledge in both generative AI and conversation eesign, we aim to further strengthen our world-class generative AI team and advance the resolution of our customers’ challenges.


In Greg’s Own Words

“The Generative AI scene in Tokyo is unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere–the commitment to applying LLMs for the benefit of society, the rapid experimentation around use cases and application across industries, the visions of smart cities and deepening relationships with customers through conversation–it’s electrifying. I couldn’t be more excited to jump in head and heart first with ZEALS and set the bar for what can be done with a fully integrated customer database and cutting-edge methods for prompt engineering.”