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ZEALS Co., Ltd. (ZEALS) has announced the appointment of Martin Di Domenico to the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering. Prior to this position, he served as Senior Engineering Manager at PayPay Co., Ltd.


At ZEALS, we have been actively hiring excellent engineering talent not only domestically but also on a global scale since our establishment, with a focus on securing and nurturing top-tier professionals. Our engineering organization has evolved into a global development team ranging with members from over twenty countries. With the aim of further solidifying this structure, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Di Domenico as SVP of Engineering, who brings extensive management experience from diverse global development teams.


Martin specialized in Biomedical Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in Argentina before starting his career as a Frontend Engineer at the e-commerce company, OLX, where he eventually rose to the position of Head of Engineering. After that, he moved to Japan to work as an Engineering Manager at Mercari. Eventually, he became intrigued by the increased adoption of e-money in Japanese society, so he decided to join PayPay Co., Ltd. as a Senior Engineering Manager, where he played a pivotal role in developing features to provide better functionalities for both users and merchants, and was able to make many significant contributions.



ZEALS is excited to welcome Martin, as his expertise will help revolutionize corporate marketing activities through the power of communication design and AI. Leveraging generative AI, we will deliver truly personalized customer experiences through “Chat Commerce,” reaching from Japan to the rest of the world.


In Martin’s own words

“Joining Zeals as the Senior Vice President of Engineering is an opportunity I am profoundly excited about. The company has laid a strong foundation for a period of innovation and growth that is both ambitious and necessary in today’s rapidly evolving AI landscape. This transformation not only aligns perfectly with my passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems but also presents a unique challenge to lead and inspire a team of brilliant engineers. I am thrilled to contribute to Zeals journey, driving technological advancements that will redefine industry standards and enhance customer experiences like never before.”