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Just last month, we released a new ZEALS AI feature, Auto-chat, that lets brands integrate a more human-like chat experience on social messaging apps. To further elevate the experience, we are thrilled to extend the auto chat capabilities, enabling it to dynamically regenerate offers based on instant user feedback and intent. 


Upon being presented with personalized offers, promos, product recommendations, etc.. users now have the option to provide feedback on their preference, ask questions, express sentiment, and more, prompting the chat experience to instantly regenerate a new set of offers that will be more relevant to the users’ intent.


How it works

When a user engages with a ZEALS chat experience, they are taken through a series of questions, where answers are captured and passed to our state-of-the art recommendation engine to extract information about the users’ intent, interests, and preferences. Our recommendation engine then generates a set of smart offers that closely matches what the user may be interested in. 


However, there will always be instances where a customer would like to further inquire more information about the offers presented, see other similar recommendations, or express a specific sentiment about the offers presented. For example, a user may be presented with a series of products from a brand’s summer catalog, because of the location they are currently in, but they are in fact shopping for a jacket in preparation for an upcoming ski trip coming up in a few months. The user then can input something like, ‘I would like something that may be warmer,’ to prompt the autochat to instantly regenerate a new set of recommendations more focused on winter clothing. 



After the initial set of recommendations, customers can continue to provide feedback, ask questions, or express sentiments to receive a more refined set of offers. ZEALS’s Auto Chat feature actively listens, processes, and extracts contextual insights to more accurately generate offers that best suit the users needs and wants. ZEALS large language model (LLM) is designed to effectively process and understand natural human languages to enhance customer engagement for any brand, promoting any offers or products. 



The goal of Auto Chat Re-offer is to find products that resonate deeper with the customer through the power of personalized conversation. Auto Chat Re-offer is also a demonstration of what LLMs are capable of in the realm of recommendations. This is the first step in making ZEALS’ chat solutions gradually evolve into chat experiences that are more natural, intelligent, and fully understand humans at a more contextual level. 


If you are interested in learning more about the feature, talk to your conversation designer or reach out to our solutions team.