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ZEALS Co., Ltd. (referred to as  “ZEALS” hereafter), the leading Chat Commerce provider with a concept of “Omotenashi Revolution,” has established a local subsidiary, ZEALS, Inc., to expand its business in the United States. The Founder & CEO, Masahiro Shimizu, will serve as the representative of the U.S. entity.

ZEALS, being the foremost company in conversational commerce in Japan, has offered its Chat Commerce platform to a diverse range of industries. Conversational commerce has been gaining attention globally as the next evolution in eCommerce.

Masahiro Shimizu and CFO, Yusuke Watanabe, will lead the effort in the U.S. to accelerate business growth. ZEALS will position the U.S. market as a foundation for its global expansion and will continue to invest in technology and creative abilities in its mission to deliver the Japanese customer service culture of “Omotenashi” to the world.

U.S. Entity Overview

Company Name: ZEALS, Inc.
Location: Delaware, USA
Representative: Masahiro Shimizu, President and CEO
Line of Business: Chat Commerce
Capital: 2,960,000 US dollars (Approx. JPY 400,000,000)
Date of Establishment: September 1, 2022
Share Ownership: ZEALS Co., Ltd. 100%.