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We’re thrilled to introduce the ZEALS Shopify app, enabling our customers (or any merchant) on the Shopify platform to elevate personalized customer engagements through social chat commerce. Our app directly connects Shopify to ZEALS chat experiences, providing our customers with two new key features.



Dynamic personalization with Shopify product collections

Upon installing and authenticating the app, a seamless connection is instantly established between your Shopify store and ZEALS social chat experiences, providing you the ability to dynamically generate personalized offers with Shopify product collections. With each product collection synced with ZEALS, data such as product images, category, descriptions, sizes, and more are automatically passed over to generate smart offers to increase the chances of conversions.


This feature enables you to craft highly tailored chat campaigns with hyper-personalized offers and recommendations generated from specific product collections you define based on exclusive promos, seasons, new drops, etc. The ZEALS AI is constantly extracting insights to detect customer interests and intent, and matching that with the synched product collections to generate offers that are likely to convert during the chat engagement. 


Prerequisites for integrating with Shopify:

  • Users should have an account on Zeals social chat commerce platform.
  • Users should also have a Shopify store whose product catalog needs to be synced with Zeals.


Automated conversion tracking — from chat to checkout

Another key feature of the app is the ability to automatically track and record all conversions attributable to your ZEALS chat experiences for up to 30 days. In general, accurate attribution is a constant challenge for measuring the effectiveness of chat campaigns (or any campaign for that matter). It’s often difficult to know which campaigns or interactions resulted in someone actually engaging in a conversion event that directly or indirectly leads to a purchase or conversion. 


The ability to effectively track conversions from chat to checkout, provides a more objective and accurate understanding of the performance of your chat campaigns. 


Here’s how it works:

  • When a user in a ZEALS clicks on an offer during a chat conversation, a unique tracking parameter is automatically added to the URL (to the product page on your Shopify store)
  • After clicking the link, your Shopify instance will automatically pick up the tracking parameter and begin tracking that user.
  • If the user ends up making a purchase within 30 days of the chat interaction, all conversion events will automatically be passed to ZEALS from your Shopify instance via a webhook. 


Connecting your Shopify store to your ZEALS chat experiences is quick and simple. Just look for the ZEALS app in the Shopify App Store, install, and authenticate with your ZEALS credentials. If you are interested in trying it out, please contact your ZEALS conversation designer or reach out to our solutions team.



Personalization that accurately matches customer intents and interests are more likely to convert and result in a more delightful shopping experience. With the release of our Shopify app, we intend to continuously push the boundaries of enabling brands and merchants who work with ZEALS to more effectively engage customers via social chat… not only to delight the end customers, but also our direct customers by providing them with smarter and more robust, data-centric capabilities.